Our company culture.

Vision Healthcare wants to revolutionize consumer healthcare with innovative solutions. We focus on having close relationships with our customers and enhancing their lives by providing solutions that fit their needs. We expect our people to think outside the box and go the extra mile in order to find innovative solutions for our consumers’ needs. VHC stimulates its employees to learn from each other and to make an impact. Only then will we keep improving and delivering better results with each challenge we face.

Marlein Rusch

Web Developer

"With each project I discover and learn new things."

I immediately felt at home at VHC (Flinndal at the time). My colleagues are nice, unique and very smart, a great combination!

We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and help each other to achieve our common goal. Independence, openness and honesty are valued highly at VHC, making it a great place to work.

We all work together very well. I especially love the fact that we work in sprints and with a programming ‘stack’. With each project I get to discover and learn new things.
I hope that we will work on many more projects together in the future.

Barbara Siegers

CRM Specialist

"To me, VHC stands for openness, honesty and freedom."

The company culture of Vision Healthcare inspires me to keep challenging myself, develop new skills and broaden my horizon.

To me, VHC stands for openness, honesty and freedom. I work in a close-knit team, where I can fully be myself and I'm very grateful for my colleagues.

With their different backgrounds, talents and passions they inspire me every day and contribute to my personal growth.

Barham Houssein Pour

Motion Experience Designer

"VHC creates a motivational environment with room for personal growth."

The rapid growth of VHC brings along many challenges, but the Design & Marketing team has really impressed me with their ability to adapt.

Coming from Sweden I was very happy to join the motivated and passionate design team of VHC.

As designers we are already connected by our shared love for beauty, but VHC also really invests in team bonding and in strengthening our group dynamics.
By doing so they create a safe and motivational environment with room for inspiration and personal growth.

Our values.

  • Consumer centricity

  • Digital game changers

  • Relentless ambition: dream big!

  • Make it happen

  • We win as a team


Consumer centricity

We are committed to enhancing personal health by empowering consumers to manage it themselves. Our direct connection to customers enables us to build strong relationships, which is vital for sustainable growth. Deep data-driven consumer understanding helps us satisfy customers’ needs properly. Our people demonstrate a genuine consumer curiosity and co-create mindset, delivering everyday happy consumer experiences.

Digital game changers

Vision Healthcare aims to be a front-runner that reinvents consumer healthcare with digital operating and business models. We look for entrepreneurial, agile people who think outside the box and can keep an eye on the bigger picture of improving consumer self care. We keep processes and structure to a minimum but when we do install them, we ask for rigor and discipline.

Relentless ambition: dream big!

At Vision Healthcare, we set the bar high. We go the extra mile to make next level consumer self care possible. How do we do that? By learning from our mistakes, which often help us unlock new opportunities, and by never forgetting to celebrate successes and giving credit where credit is due.

Make it happen

Vision Healthcare empowers its employees to make a clear impact. We have a clear no nonsense, common sense culture, keeping things simple and effective. Our message to our people: face the facts but focus on creative and pragmatic solutions.

We win as a team

In our opinion, strong teams are more valuable than the smartest individuals. Vision Healthcare’s flat organizational structure enables everyone to be seen and heard, which leaves us with a hyperconnected, agile network. We treat our people with respect and we welcome different opinions and perspectives. Encouraging teamwork paves the way to success for us. VHC provides a relaxed and fun place to work, which is where the best ideas come to life.

Students & Graduates.

We are always on the lookout for new talent. Whether you already have loads of experience or are just getting started, we'd love to get to know you and grow together.

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