Vision healthcare wants to enhance personal health and wellness by giving consumers the tools to self-manage their health through prevention and treatment.

Yvan Vindevogel Founder of Vision Consumer Health

The Vision Healthcare platform connects brands and consumers from different geographies, using a broad range of channels. It’s a one stop shop ecosystem that incorporates all the components required to execute direct-to-consumer (D2C) retailing.

Our approach allows brands to reach a wide variety of consumers in all phases of the consumer journey and to expand in a sustainable and organic way. Moreover, the synergy and combined experience of our brands guarantees a high level of excellence and total consumer satisfaction.

With our consumer-centric approach and diverse portfolio of attractive, high quality brands we aim to become a leading D2C European consumer healthcare company. As a digital frontrunner we continue to invest in new digital initiatives, learn from our data and develop new skills and expertise.

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  1. Digital first approach.
  2. Agile way of working.
  3. Ambitious expansion for healthcare brands.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

VHC is committed to play its role in delivering on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Through our unique team and business model we intend to create a specifically high standard on the below USG’s:

Good health and well-being
  • We are committed to play our role in driving unbiased, unlimited and easy access for consumers to a broad range of selfcare products.
  • We want to empower people to take charge in managing their own health both preventative as well as curative.
  • We believe we can be an enabler in helping preventing consumers to turn into patients, by driving awareness and access to the best self care solutions available.
Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Climate action
Life below water
  • Through our vertically integrated business we strive to integrate sustainability best practices in all parts of our business. We strive to reduce our impact on the worlds natural resources from design, to manufacturing, to delivery, all the way to the consumer usage and recyclability.
Gender equality
  • With our diverse teams we intend to create and foster an inclusive culture for all, independent of nationality, gender, race, sexual orientation or age. We are committed to fight conscious or unconscious biases on our work floor. With our young team, we specifically see a role for ourselves in endorsing and enabling equal opportunities for male and female parents to combine a challenging and inspiring career with a fulfilling and rewarding family life.
We want to become a leading omni-channel D2C Consumer Healthcare company where the consumers’ wellbeing is at the center of it all.
Team Vision Healthcare