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Visions' entities covers full European countries including Central & Eastern Europe.

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A clear vision�

A clear vision…

We have been empowering consumers since 2018. With our platform we give them the tools to self-manage their health and take control of their lives.

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2021 Vision healthcare further expands.

Vision Healthcare further expands to Norway and Slovenia, focusing on vitamins, minerals and food supplements.

2020 A year that is marked by covid-19.

Vision Healthcare provides consumers with what they need. We continue to grow and expand to Germany, the Netherlands and Austria.

2019 Beauty & home products are now sold directly to consumers in an omnichannel environment.

Mylene is added to Vision Healthcare's portfolio.

2018 Vision Healthcare emerges from the Damier Group.

As a new company we have one clear goal: to create an omnichannel healthcare platform that puts the consumer first.

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We aim to be omnipresent. From customised ads to influencer content, we know where to find our consumers and how to connect with them. By combining data insights, digital innovation and an agile, entrepreneurial spirit we create both a compelling consumer experience and a futureproof business strategy for our brands.

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